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SunRoof – The Best Solar Energy Solution

Heating, air conditioning, lighting, daily use of your electric car, and much more. With SunRoof, you can use it all for free!

By choosing a 2-in-1 solar roof from SunRoof, you don’t have to compromise on design. SunRoof replaces the entire surface of a traditional roof with photovoltaic cells that generate energy and give your home a modern and stylish look.

Using photovoltaic cells instead of solar panels is both more efficient and more durable because the energy they generate comes from a larger area, and SunRoof protects the building from extreme weather conditions.

Innovation that will change the world

Choosing a solar roof can change not only the face of your home but the future of the entire planet. It is a step towards a world free of carbon energy. The synergy of man and the natural environment.

Thanks to SunRoof you will get 100% free electricity sufficient to use all electrical appliances, heat your home and charge your electric car. Take a step towards ecological and intelligent energy management today.

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Your First Choice Roof

When planning for your family’s green living, focus on what matters most. In an era of rising material prices and out-of-stock product availability, SunRoof offers you a price guarantee and on-time delivery.

World-Class Standards

SunRoof roofs are designed using the highest quality monocrystalline silicon panels. Manufactured using breakthrough glass-glass-module technology, which has higher efficiency and durability than standard solar solutions.

Explore tomorrow’s technology

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We have developed the most efficient and environmentally friendly solar roof in the world. We have based it on solar technology that is ahead of its time, high quality, and integrating Swedish design.

In this way, we achieve a new level of roof functionality. Protecting, insulating, generating electricity, and integrating into the architecture of the house at the same time. A more innovative solution than ever before!

SunRoof solar roof is a much more stylish and efficient solution than a traditional solar panel roof. What’s more, it’s common to lose your roof warranty after installing solar panels on a traditional roof. By choosing to replace your traditional roof with a SunRoof, you will get a 25-year warranty.

Traditional Roof

Traditional Roof
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Solar Roof
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